Climate / Justice / Environment

I feel deeply called to take action in the world. Or maybe, I should say, I know I take action every day in small and big ways and I want to make conscious decisions about the meaning of those actions. I want those actions to align with me. 

The little actions, more than any intention or thinking, make up who I am, and who I will be. My thoughts are the brainstorming, the prepping, and the planning of my story. The actions I take are what gets written on the page. I want to look at the pages of my life story and find not disillusionment, or dissociation, but rather the joyful, connected, centered, loving self that I wish to be. 

I certainly do not think this will be easy, nor do I believe people simply fall into or are born good at living as their best, truest self. It is hard work that takes time. Takes attuning to our present state (knowing where you are in order to orient yourself to where you want to be), learning about our gifts, visioning what we aspire to, working hard to heal, asking for help, and striving to grow. 

That is all to say, I wish to be eyes wide open to the spark present in my being, to nurture it, and to share it. If you read my credo - my statement of belief - you might start to understand the direction in which I want to push my soul to grow. 

Part of the way that I wish to live is by making sure that I am treating humans, life, and the planet as family. With respect, with love, with compassion. Which means knowing them, listing to the life, the stories, the struggles, and the joy of our world. Celebrating in community the joy and connection in our world and actively doing what is in my power to strip away the harm and injustice.

This page is dedicated to that work. Highlighting my thought on the ways I can live with compassion for my greater family and how I choose live that out. I invite you to explore with me, to take action with me, to write the pages of your story in compassion, in love, and in joy.

Originally completed: 1/28/2023

Last Edited: 2/4/2023