Thank You For This Day

Thank You for This Day

Thank you for this day

The splendor of life is miraculously gifted to me again this morning (moment). My eyes open, my body moves and the world exists.

In honor of this gift I come to this day (moment) with the intent to experience and to love. 

I will be courageous and vulnerable with eyes wide open, seeking to know and to hold in my heart. 

I will let the love that springs from seeing be the passion that burns in my heart and under my feet as I work with others to create beloved community. 

I will remember that although blessings are not found in all things, I have the power to find and cultivate them in each moment. 

I will acknowledge and forgive myself when I fail so that I might try again. 

I will be grateful for this life, this experience, this existence, and all I share it with. 

Thank you for this day. 

Originally completed: July 2020

Last Edited: 7/23/2020

Prayer - communication searching for and struggling to be found by the other. 

Prayers, in my eyes, are the expression of truths that come in the form of needs, and questions, and statements, with an accompanying request for attention to be given to that truth. Requesting the attention of the God, a god, a saint, the universe, mother nature, your community, or yourself (any and all being valid). 

This is one of the first prayers I wrote knowing it was a prayer. 

Originally completed: 1/15/2022

Last Edited: 1/21/2022