Teaching Coming of Age

Coming of age is a class and I would say right of passage at my church. Similar to the Christian confirmation in that it is a right of passage within a religion that occurs in 9th grade ////. However, that is generally where the similarities stop. /// do you really want to make this a comparision///. In which the youth in the class (otherwise refered to as agers) are prompted to contemplate, discuss and form their own thoughts around the "five big questions"

This is something that I expereinced as a youth (see my 9th gread credo here and my current credo here) that I thought was probably worth while at the time but only grew to have a deeper appreciation of as I aged.

So as you can probbly guess by the title of this page, I now teach / facilitate this cours for the 9th greaders at my church. I initially got ropped into teaching the class through some heavy proding by church staff and the thought that ///. I /// and will likely continue form amny years. I have found that I actually enjoy getting to know the youth.